Our business

Euclid Distribution provides distribution and logistics services for the customers throughout the Russian Federation. Our company is organized to the following departments:

Professional Solutions

The Professional Solutions department is the department that focuses on distribution products and providing services for the following fields: Digital Signage, Video Display Wall, Media Creation, Security, Financial Trading, Control Room Workstations.

Our history

The company was founded in 1992 with a goal to discover new IT products and develop projects in the Russian market, involving perspective brands with the newest, most unique and demanded products. Many famous brands in Russia got their successful start in cooperation with our distribution company.

We have been the largest and most successful IT distributor in Russia of LG Electronics, MSI, Cooler Master, FSP USP Power Solutions, etc.

How we work

  • – Since 1992 we have got a large distribution experience of realization Ideas for Bright Projects.
  • – We use a project-based approach to products, the concept of project that should become successful and bright on the Russian market.
  • – We are aimed to communicate the company’s message, deliver brand and product massages to the target consumers in Russia.
  • – At each stage of cooperation we offer professional support and try to pay special attention to every task of our partners and do business efficiently.
  • – We connect professionals to a dynamic work for creating Bright Projects on the Russian market.
  • – We provide quick and comfortable entrance in to the Russian market to the interested companies with perspective products.
  • – We maximize the potential of the Russian market, using our long-term relationships, experience, and marketing instruments.