KVM Extenders

KVM Extenders

KVM Device

KVM device (keyboard video mouse) allows to simplify the interaction between multiple computers and provide a switching signal from the main input-output devices. Later they began to support EDID and DDC protocols of communication, automatically transmitting monitor information on all connected servers for synchronization work.

Matrox Extio - remote connection of computer peripherals

Matrox Extio allows you to remotely connect computer peripherals - keyboard, mouse, monitor - from the computer at a distance of 1 km and 1 fiber optic cable, providing the user with maximum comfort by reducing noise, heat generation, and increase free space.

Matrox Extio Series is designed, primarily, for mission-critical applications where the equipment is required not only to the stability and security of the exchange of information, but also the ability to work in extreme conditions - heat, noise, dust.

In addition, the separation of the user interface device from the host computer offers many advantages. These include facilitating IT-system maintenance, increased security, climate and noise control at the operator / user station, etc.

Matrox Avio - "taking" the computer out of the user environment

Matrox Avio lets "take" the computer out of the user environment and place it in a server or another room. High throughput Avio Matrox supports continuous playback HD, 2K, 4K video without delay and data loss.