Video Streaming Capture

Video Streaming Capture

Matrox Mura IPX Series

Matrox Mura™ IPX 4K capture and IP encoder & decoder PCI Express® cards provide OEMs and system builders with best-of-breed hardware and software to enhance their video walls and operator work stations with advanced video processing and networking capabilities. Mura IPX boards are ideal for control rooms, digital signage, AV presentation and other applications requiring high-density capture, encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying, and control.

High-Density H.264 Encoding and Decoding

Mura IPX has been engineered to offer world-class, high-density H.264 encoding and decoding capabilities for use in virtually any application of encoding, decoding, or transcoding. Specifically, Mura IPX aims at the primary applications of high-density H.264 codec processes including:

Resolution encoding and decoding including the compression, decompression, streaming, and recording of a single 8K stream or multiple 4K, Full HD, or SD streams.
Quality encoding and decoding through the encoding support of desktop-grade, high-frequency content. Not requiring color space compression, Mura IPX allows for perfect desktop sharing and recording applications on content as detailed as only one pixel thick.

Number of streams encoding and decoding for numerous applications ranging from decode and display of a high number of streaming IP sources, to the capture and streaming of multiple independent streams of video content at multiple bitrates, resolutions, and quality levels, for further sharing or recording as a unified steam.

All-in-One H.264 Supernode

Mura IPX provides the capability to capture, stream, encode, and decode using H.264 all from with one PCIe® card. Mura IPX series cards are designed to gather and distribute video from multiple IP sources and direct inputs, allowing the aggregation, recording, and delivery of compelling and complementary content as needed to Mura IPX-enabled workstations and compatible receiving hardware and software.

Encoding/Decoding Support for H.264 Universal Standard

Mura IPX supports high-density H.264 level 5.2 encoding and decoding, and thrives on the massive interactivity this produces with 3rd-party hardware and software products also using the most ubiquitous codec on the internet. With this codec collectively accepted on the vast majority of online infrastructures, this codec allows for efficient encoding and decoding at low bitrates and high quality (from SD to 8K) based on user needs.

Dynamic System Scalability

Through the integration of the low-footprint Mura IPX cards, video wall controllers, multiviewers, and personal video walls can be built to the scale required for specific projects. Optimized for performance, Mura IPX provides options to allow greater flexibility in integration while also offering enhanced thermal reliability.

Multi-Source HDMI Inputs for Video Capture

With four Mini HDMI inputs, Mura IPX can capture a wide variety of inputs, dependent on the number of sources and the display resolution required. With only two input sources, Mura IPX can capture and encode two 4K inputs simultaneously. When working with four direct sources, four Full HD inputs can be captured and streamed. Meanwhile Mura IPX can capture and compress up to 100 SD sources.

Enhance Deployed Matrox Products by Adding Mura IPX

When paired with existing Matrox products, Mura IPX contributes to an AV-over-IP ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Tied with Mura MPX capture & display cards, the resulting product has a major impact, allowing management of video walls of up to 56 Full HD sources and 56 Full HD outputs to be encoded and decoded. Enhancing the Mura MPX system by providing dedicated hardware, the Mura IPX brings IP functionality to integrated Mura MPX video wall controller cards.

With Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards, Mura IPX provides a low-footprint, low-cost option of enabling an up-to-12-display video wall. Mura IPX with C-Series cards offers more hardware-driven display options with IP-enabled encoding and decoding, to integrate multi-input/output displays anywhere on your network.