For Thin Clients

For Thin Clients

Matrox Epica

Thanks to Matrox Epica video cards 6 working monitors can operate on a single thin client.

Compatible for use with Wyse Z90DE7, multi-head, low-profile Matrox Epica graphics cards TC20+ and TC48 have high energy efficiency, low thermal properties, supports simultaneous operation of 4 monitors - a total of 6, if 2 graphics output is provided in the thin client.

High Performance Display System

Matrox Epica is for everyone who needs a high performance display system.

Key features of video cards Matrox Epica:

- Interface PCI Express®
- Fanless cooling, which greatly reduces noise and increases product reliability
- Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 (digital monitors)
- Stretched or independent modes for managing composite desk from 4 - 6 monitors
- Additional features configuration and desktop settings, including resolution, refresh rate,
orientation and location of the screen - with the included Matrox PowerDesk software.