Stadler Form


Making life colorful and enjoy is the goal and endeavour of all people. This also includes designer items of practical use: This is StadlerForm guiding principle! A lot of household appliances are important and useful occupants of homes  however, they are often the ugly ducklings of the family. That’s why StadlerForm came up with the idea to develop attractive and appealing household products.

StadlerForm develops elegant and useful household appliances. The team works with passion on innovations for the household. StadlerForm focuses on improving the air and the room climate. The company equips living spaces with cool and lovable appliances. StadlerForm appliances count among the best when it comes to shape, function and handling, and are useful roommates for StadlerForm customers.


The company wants to improve and enhance the world of air treatment. StadlerForm therefore develops lovable household appliances with an outstanding design. StadlerForm products are easy and intuitive to use and ensure efficient power consumption. New product developments always emerge from a personal need. The company wants to create elegant and useful roommates that enhance our wellbeing.


The company puts ideas into practice: StadlerForm does it! StadlerForm finds it very important for good ideas to be realised without any ifs and buts. StadlerForm does not follow the strategies of other companies but focuses on its own strengths. StadlerForm creates products that they are convinced will fulfil people expectations, or even exceed them. StadlerForm communication is open and honest – the company doesn’t want to hide anything and it is “all ears” for suggestions of any kind!