Matrox Graphics

Matrox Graphics Company

Matrox Graphics was founded in 1976. Matrox Graphics is a private company headquartered in Canada. The company has representations and offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions for professional markets such as finance, digital media, industrial, enterprise systems and more.

Matrox Graphics designs and manufactures professional graphics solutions with a guide to the industry that requires high reliability and efficiency.

Matrox Graphics is a high life cycle of products, ease of use in a corporate environment and a wide range of opportunities to address specific issues and tasks - this is what distinguishes the company.

More than 1,000 companies around the world have already evaluated and chosen the professional solutions Matrox Graphics, increased productivity and improved decision-making processes.

Matrox Graphics Applications

Matrox Graphics offers the most extensive range of multi-screen visualization systems solutions market for a wide range of applications in the areas of:

  • Security - building an effective security management system through video wall capable of displaying high-quality images from surveillance cameras, statistics, alarms, general building schemes.

  • Transport to create a convenient and efficient system for displaying information in the transport unit on the video wall with different content: schedules, news, information, advertising.

  • Education - a unique modern approach with the use of products and solutions Matrox Graphics enables a flexible and multidisciplinary education for students of scientific disciplines in the training laboratories and classrooms. This is a modernization of the mode of interaction of students with science. Used AV-Design - is an ingenious symbiosis of mission, technology and practicality.

  • Sports - sporting events broadcast on the big screen with a parallel display not only the television broadcasts, but also repeats, interviews, advertising and more information about the players.

  • Advertising - the perfect solution for promotional activities can become not only a video wall showing the video in high quality and eye-catching, but also the solution for broadcast advertising on a network remotely, without limiting the number and range of broadcast outlets.

  • Shows, concerts, discos - bright, dynamic background scene to output diverse content with high image quality, ease of operation and reliability.

  • Architectural bureau - improving the efficiency of the design through the use of an extended desktop across multiple monitors or high-quality imaging on the display wall.

  • Health - the ability to display across multiple monitors not only the video or camera operations, but x-rays, test results and images from other applications with one or more sources.

  • HoReCa - registration reception area via broadcast video wall with greetings, advertising, information, news, weather, camera menu and other content to create a design space.

  • TV studio - creation and use of video wall not only as an information medium, but also as a studio design element with the ability to display on the display wall as interviews, news and videos; as the weather, and Internet resources; both documents, as well as their own symbols and logos.

  • Financial implementing agencies to simplify the display control system of financial information on many screens from one computer.

  • Museums and exhibition design - exposure or receiving space via a video wall with the ability to display different content: advertising, interviews, movies, images, exposure elements and their stories.

  • Games - creating the effect of presence thanks to output video with three virtual cameras to monitors or projectors.

  • Video Conferencing System - conducting a video call with the display signal with personal cameras and group presentations and other data on multiple monitors for maximum quality of the conference.

  • Simulation - creating a sense of full presence when passing by the broadcast signal simulator video from different cameras to multiple monitors.