• Driving licence wallets
  • Key Cases & Holders
  • Cosmeticians
  • Passport Covers
  • Wallets and Purses
  • Headphone Covers


Dimanche is a Russian company, founded in 1998, and ingaged in the production of stylish high-quality leather goods. The collection includes beautiful elegant purses and wallets, money holders, business card holders, passport covers and cosmeticians, which complement any fashionable image and will be a wonderful gift for any celebration.

At the heart of the production of goods - the most recent and exclusive designs, high quality materials, including leather, European fabrics and accessories. In addition, all products are packaged in a branded gift box or in velvet covers.

Quality of products

For a long time Russian producers have not been able to produce a decent standard of leather goods, which could compete with European products. Dimanche Company became one of the first in the Russian market, which offered the perfect quality of leather and refined design in the line of leather goods "premium" for an affordable price.

Elegant classic purses and wallets, holders for money, stylish cover for a passport, business card holders and cases for credit cards, beautiful and roomy cosmeticians of the new collection made of leather trendy designer which color and texture fully meet the latest fashion-trends.

Classic smooth leather and imitation reptile skin are always a benchmark of style and are at the peak of popularity, and follow the latest trends of each new season.