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A variety of Defender goods is not just a nice figure of speech: there are more than six hundred models in active assortment now. Continuous qualitative broadening of product range is our way to answer market challenges and to meet customers' demands.

Defender products make work with PC and mobile devices pleasant, diversify entertaining activities and bring comfort to travels. Company seeks for the best solutions to customers' needs; even solutions that sometimes could not be expected to solve problems that may seem inevitable from the first sight.

Friendly and functional – that's the principle underlying all company developments. Defender products are things everyone understands. They are created for different purposes and for different personalities but each product do what it is intended for: the mouse moves the cursor, the automatic voltage regulator protects equipment, the keyboard allows to type – but, yes, each and every product does its job perfectly! One of the illustrations to this fact is the amount of awards to Defender products.

Technologies and Developments

Perfection in fundamentals - that's the approach for company developments. Defender engineers create optimal combination of functions for each product. This optimum is estimated on the basis of constant researches for each of product categories. The prime aim of these researches is to pinpoint the most needed and useful functions and capabilities for products. Company constantly upgrades functionality and improves decorative appearance of its products but carefully check each decision to keep the products easily affordable to the customers. Include all that is necessary but avoid any excess - that's how Defender products are created.


Defender is an international company providing a broad range of appliances for office and home use; products meeting needs and demands of a great lot of users.

Application of the most recent technologies, high European standards and extensive production capacities allow to top the product segments. Defender manufacturers, both in Asia and Eastern Europe are certified according to international quality standards.

Defender headquarters are located in Tallinn and Moscow. Company representative offices are located all over the world: in China, in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine, in Belarus and in Kazakhstan. Company distribution network is active in more than five hundred cities of European and CIS countries.

It is easy to communicate with Defender. Defender products are easy to buy and pleasant to use. Defender is also easy to sell!

Company History

The history of Defender trademark started in 1990. Defender has always been aiming to protect and to care for users. 

The very first products provided by Defender were protective screens for PC monitors, so Defender products were literally defending their users from negative effects of working with PCs of those days.

Today Defender products protect and care for every tiniest bit of comfort and convenience in work with PC and mobile devices. Defender products also guard electronic equipment from disturbances in AC-line and from most of mechanical damages. Defender products create a cosy environment around their users, comfortable and natural environment to live in, environment where every detail is in the right place.

Company Mission

Company mission is to create worthy products, products suiting you so entirely that once used they become a natural part of life. Company  motto is “Trifles make perfection”. Company  prime target is to bring maximum of convenience to the every day of life. That's not an effortless thing to do but we are experts in this particular field. Company products can provide the very thing you needed and no part of it will be overpriced. Defender daily concern is to find the best way to bring more quality to life, more colors and more cheerfulness. It's been for 24 years that company achieves this ambition by presenting each of our products.